To make your item be safeguarded by introduction of movie overwrapping equipment

Fin seal overwrapping equipment is capable airtight sealing a lot more than the typical overwrapping equipment. It is powerful in protecting against insects and foreign substances from entering bundle. It has exceptional moisture proof. By attaching opening tape, package can be opened easily.

Fin-sealed wrapping merchandise can keep its higher airtightness for the duration of transportation from the solution transported out the manufacturing unit till shown in the store and delivered to buyer. It safeguards the top quality of sensitive items this kind of as chocolate, candy, or pharmaceutical items.

The consultant design of higher pace fin seal overwrapping is FN1 that has equally functionality that is power of insect prevention and dependability to protect the product good quality.

overwrap packaging machine TAM own know-how has attained high speed wrapping of the maximum one hundred sixty pcs/min with steady operation. FN1 has outstanding expandability to be developed in present line technique.

Fin Seal overwrapping machine is one of the film overwrapping devices that TAM manufactures. The identify ‘Fin’ is from the fin of a fish. It is called ‘Fin seal due to the fact of the approach of sealing soon after wrapping the entire body of the carton there is film edge to adhere at the long facet, and the both short sides to adhere for heat seal. They are looks like fins.

In overwrapping, it had inclination of problems for airtight seal since the carton be utilised are mostly flexible slim plastic or paper produced carton. When heat seal pressure acts from the carton from the outside, the cartons usually deformed by warmth seal stress.

Fin seal, on the other hand, it is the way to pinch the movie and seal them so that the carton adaptability does not affect the bundle. Hence, it is capable to produce the package deal with hermetic sealing. Getting the airtightness prevents the invasion of insects or top quality impact by moisture.

From these features Fin seal is sufficient for company in the food business who has released HACCP that calls for meals protection and high quality manage.

In the TAM design FN1, the sealing method in the previously mentioned photograph has been adopted that is to fin seal at the longer facet and shorter sides then, fold the film and seal it once again. This will protected greater seal overall performance, much better look of the wrapping and easiness of display at the shop.

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